20140304_125226-scaledYour stained glass panels CAN be double glazed this is called encapsulation, whether you have original ones that you would like to keep or it’s a new commission, both can made into a unit. Encapsulation is where the stained glass panel is positioned in the middle of the double glazed unit effectively making it triple glazed.

With the original panels we do any remedial work that maybe necessary such as repairing breaks in the glass, making it structurally sound e.g. soldering broken joints or even total re-leads if required. If these panels need to be altered in size to fit the unit we try were possible to keep the integrity of the original design. These panels even if they are in good condition need to have a new lead border fitted so that they can be encapsulated. We then re-black all the leads and finish by cleaning the panels to remove as much of the grime that has built up over many years as possible.

New commissioned panels are purpose built to be encapsulated.

Encapsulated panels can be fitted into either wood or uPVC windows and doors with a minimum of a 20mm rebate.