Lead Overlay

lead overlay

Decorative lead overlay is suitable for various locations in and around your home and business from windows and doors, kitchen cabinets or even mirrors. Some of the benefits of the lead overlay are, more flexibility with designs, structural suitability, fewer limits on location and it is more cost effective than traditional methods.

Unlike traditional methods were individual pieces of coloured glass and lead came are used, lead overlay is done on a single piece of clear glass, and by using coloured / textured films with a stick on lead ( which we solder on both sides) and we try to make our designs look as close to traditional stained glass as possible. Other decorative features like bevels, roundels and fused glass tiles can be added that will enhance your design.

Apart from the natural lead there is electrophoretic coated and powder coated options available that come in various colours and profiles, and with over 350 coloured , patterned and textures films you will never be short of choice for your decorative glass design. Films are polyester based with built in UV filters and are guaranteed for 10 years with a life expectancy of over 25 years.